Ramiz King: 31 Most Interesting Facts


Ramiz King is a Media Personality, Producer, Entertainer, and Entrepreneur. We will be sharing 31 unknown facts about Afghanistan’s first Reality TV Star and India’s most interesting Reality TV Participant, Ramiz King. He is famous in his country because his online series ‘Life According to Ramiz’ put him on the map when the famous Aryana Sayeed decided to feature in it and the show covered her viral Proposal to Hasib Sayed. The couple knew of Ramiz King and Rohina because Rohina was a friend of Aryana Sayeed and at once her Make Up Artist.

Hasib Sayed knew Ramiz from his infamous in news antics and his popular Vine comical skits he produced with his sister, Rohina, which was an instant hit and a new doing in the industry of Afghanistan. Later Ramiz and Rohina debuted on ‘BaChashem’ on Zan TV which was marked as the most controversial and entertaining show of conservative country, Afghanistan to date.

Ramiz and Rohina entered as strangers to one other for a secret task which producers such as Ramiz himself planned to test how many people really know the duo Siblings. It’s noted all over Youtube that most definitely this reverse psychology worked wonders and everyone professed that they know the two & that they aren’t strangers but a Brother and Sister duo. This proved the due credit that should be given to Ramiz and Rohina for their long reach and fame in the current society.

Ramiz later debuted with India after his success in the Afghan industry on hit shows ‘Love School 4’ & ‘Ace of Space 2’ but this didn’t suggest that Ramiz King was only just a participant, he was the most entertaining and controversial Personality. He kissed or was Kissed by an Indian girl on national television is what every youth and parent asks till today. In Ace of Space, he was accused of hurting Baseer Ali when in fact it was just the sore from the loss he had that hurt him but Ramiz was targeted and accused of the incident and was later evicted unfairly. Now let’s get into the real facts this was just a brief summary of who is Ramiz King.

Ramiz King Facts:

#1 – Ramiz is one of the highest-paid Youth Reality TV Star in India

#2 – Ramiz has a net worth of over $800,000 dollars

#3 – He has had multiple businesses but his ad making business and lifestyle brand, iWear Vibe is his most successful

#4 – Ramiz and Gizelle entered Love School 4 as best friends but later fell in love which is what lead to Gizelle Basiri getting his name tattooed on her thigh.

#5 – Ramiz King would play with the kids of the Slums and local colony’s before his fame and would spend Diwali with them during his first three visits to India before his debut.

#6 – He directed and did all creative planning for Pav Dharia’s hit song, Teri Yaadan on which his Sister, Rohina features in.

#7 – Ramiz has a show upcoming like Kim and Kourtney take New York which is set to air worldwide in the Afghan industry with Tolo TV.

#8 – Ramiz was the one who pitched the idea of commoners for Bigg Boss and was meant to do an official pitch through email but he got one letter wrong and that’s what lead him to not being on the show

#9 – Ramiz is most likely to be spotted by someone who recognizes him in India and Australia. Fans and viewers always tend to remember his voice and face, Ramiz King has set a blueprint of his likeness in the minds of the people of India.

#10 – Ramiz started his first company at 18.

#11 – Ramiz is close friends with big Bollywood stars like Ashmit Patel, Ananya Pandey, and Shamita Shetty but does not publicly showcase this so in the future it is not perceived that they helped him becoming the Star he is going to be.

#12 – Ramiz King claims to be selected for Bigg Boss and Mujhse Shaadi Karoge on Colors TV but due to Visa and Corona Virus this subsisted to not transpiring.

#13 – Ramiz has studied at New York Film Academy and has completed his bachelors in VFX and filmmaking

#14 – Humayoon Shams Khan and Ramiz are best mates

#15 – Ramiz claims he lost Bigg Boss 12 the Jodi season because Rohina wished not to be a part of the show and wanted to have individual seasons.

#16 –  Hasib Sayed and Aryana Sayeed said on #LATR that it’ll be an honor to take a picture with Ramiz King

#17 – Ramiz is a successful producer and the maker of the remake of Big Brother in Afghanistan but the show was tampered with by Taliban’s inside people and they ruined the audio of some powerful episodes.

#18 – Ramiz King did not attend the grand finale party of Both his shows produced by Endemol Shine India because he didn’t want to let loose in front of his professional peers and to maintain professionalism always. This is one of his major work ethics why Endemol shine India loves working with him.

#19 – Ramiz is Afghansitn’s most controversial because he is a bringer of Reality TV and the conservative people of Afghanistan didn’t and still don’t believe in sharing the reality of their lives due to Pride.

#20 – Ramiz is managed by the biggest celebrity management company in Mumbai, ‘Pinnacle Celebrity Management.

#21 – Ramiz has been actively working in media to build his brand since the year 2012.

#22 – Ramiz King is a fan of Saif Ali Khan and fans compare him to the Pataudi King the most.

#23 – Ramiz is 6FT’1, being the tallest in his family.

#24 – Ramiz King has always been very insecure about his voice but his fans are very passionately mesmerized by his voice and find it sexy and soothing. Proven via all the fan messages Ramiz has shared of his fans expressing it.

#25 – Fact is Ramiz planning to make a Netflix Hindi reality TV show based on his life and sister, Rohina, and all their celebrity friends and the ins and out of Afghan industry with one rule being the foundation of the show, EVERYTHING MUST BE REAL, everything.

Fact #26 – Ramiz King was kissed by an Indian girl on National Television, which caused the biggest controversy.

#27- grew up in Brisbane, Australia

#28 – Ramiz Role Model is Prohpet Muhammad S.A.W

#29 – he Owns a lifestyle brand called iWear Vibe.

#30- Ramiz Dad is from the mountains of Afghanistan

#31 – Ramiz ultimate crush is Madhuri Dixit

Here are some interesting facts about the Most interesting, Ramiz King who has taken over our hearts and screens and We don’t know if this is the beginning of the end but in his words as he always says “Picture Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost”. This was and will be the world’s newest and most interesting Media Personality who is making his mark as we speak subtly and quietly but we surely will hear the volume of his success in the near future. Don’t forget this name, Ramiz King.