Rap Artist – GWAYMUSIC: Breaks 1 Million Streams


Upcoming rap artist, Gwaymusic, bursts into the music industry hitting over 1 million streams in under 30 days! Daniel Galloway has been raising considerable attention across the country with his latest accomplishments. At age 27, he is the CEO of one of the biggest independent record labels in New Jersey. Gwaymusic Records, LLC boasts an impressive 5-Star rating on Google. His most recent song “Truth” has been cleared for Eminem’s prominent radio station Shade45. Taking pride in his original content he has also performed with Immortal Technique, recorded at the prominent terminus studios, filmed with director LouieKnows, and engineered for FamousDex.

Born, and raised in New Jersey GWAYMUSIC has a prevalent reputation on the East Coast. His rapidly growing Instagram has gained over 28K followers in a short amount of time. All of which who seem to admire his authentic “non-auto tune style”. His respect for original Hip-hop links a connection with the real Hip-Hop heads of the community. Additionally, he has been recognized by Wiz Khalifa on Instagram and Clothing brands such as And1.

His journey doesn’t stop there! Tragically, an event occurred where he lost his engineer, and beloved friend due to a brain aneurysm. Shortly after the passing of his beloved friend, Gwaymusic started a foundation in the music department at Brookdale Community College to raise awareness towards Epilepsy. He went on to raise an impressive $15,000 dollars. Proceeds were given out in the form of scholarships to individuals in the music department. He named the foundation after his best friend Justin to honor his legacy.

All while inspiring the masses through his music, Gwaymusic remains humble. He stresses how thankful he is for God, and the motivation he obtains from his loyal supporters. The future looks bright as his fans await patiently for his newest content.