Renowned Digital Marketer and IT Stalwart Rohit Mehta Spells His Secrets to Success to Master Digital Marketing


“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in”

Believer of the above mentioned quote, we bring to you the story of Rohit Mehta, a truly ambitious digital marketer who has the spirits of someone who walks on the path to gain excellence online, there are many who have ambition but there are very few who can arrive in the vehicle called persistence. Rohit Mehta has aced his career with the combination of ambition, persistence and subsequent successes.

By equipping himself with the Gen Z skills and having an entrepreneurial bent of mind, the journey trudged by him with the persistence and a will to make it big made him the digital marketing stalwart that he is today.

The IT guy from Bihar is today a renowned digital marketer whose blog Digital Gabbar has thousands of loyal readers who consistently consume his top notch content.

Digital Gabbar is an exemplary blog that is carefully suited for millennials, he continuously collaborates with different biggies of the digital marketing world to begin such initiatives which provides their audience with the best content.

After several months of demands, Rohit is also looking to launch their series of podcasts around the lives of successful bloggers and digital marketers. A man who believes in taking motivation and inspiration from everywhere, he stress on building a connect with the audiences with the help of strong content and honest feedbacks. He also believes that one should have a keen eye on the changing trends and should seriously embibe what their followers give them in feedback.

Father of an awesome young lady and companion to a mindful spouse, Rohit is a family man who has reliably believed in the ideal power. Rohit narrates that 2015 was the year when he understood that a blog was something which could give him a steady start in the online field, without much knowledge or expertise he got in, this is when he says that individuals must begin, it’s good to start from somewhere. He adds,” Despite not fully knowing the road, you are doing much better than those who are just guessing from the other end, worst, you will fail but if you fail, you would have understood ways that don’t work so you will anyways be ahead than someone who didn’t try, I took the plunge and I started with a free blog, even though I did not have the required money to begin with a blog, it couldn’t stop my stride.

Giving result masterminded organizations of Social Media Marketing, SEO, site improvement, laborer dealing with, etc, Rohit Mehta has driven distinctive government projects for over 7 years by working in UDHD Project and Public Commission alongwith being in the Media Industries for 5 Years. 

On being asked, what are his top tips to ace a  blog, Rohit Mehta says,”I believe one of the most important aspects in the blogging world is to first build the trust of your target audience by dedicating your entire content towards giving unique, resourceful, factual correct data towards that niche, in affiliate marketing, for anyone to buy products from your links, you first have to give them that quality of information that they trust you, the focus should also be on selecting good products, if you try to sell anything and the users buy it and find it not that useful or worthy, they will never come back to your page again,  they will continue to make purchases through your links only when the content provides them value and is trustable with good quality”, says the blogging prodigy Rohit Mehta.

He also reposes his insights when he says that an effective digital marketer is that person who can sense the needs of its audience and can tailor messages accordingly, certainly, with these bits of information from the CEO of an all solutions digital marketing blog, it will go a long way in boosting the blogging endeavours of beginners.

With his sound IT expertise, the entrepreneur, Blogger, author of some of the finest e-books on blogging and digital marketing is leading on many dimensions owing to his confidence in working by taking others close by him in his outing, the Rohit Mehta is a hearty who has broken all restrictions of propelling individuals with top notch content. 

Rohit has the experience of working for Print Media, Electronic Media and Social Media with the Health Sector for a long time joined with his spells in the Digital and IT Consultancy for various Hospitals.

After a couple of primers and bumbles, the enthusiast to Rohit picked a news blog to begin this pivotal journey. Digital Gabbar is the leadinh blog curated by Rohit Mehta which is an amalgamation of cutting edge devotees who are make plans to outfit millenials with the latest and most invigorated quality substance to help you become progressed aces in various claims to fame. 

Rohit’s expertise includes sharp tips on Blogging, Affiliate, SEO, Dropshipping, Social Media, online money making , guides, instructional activities, etc 

Having driven an exceptional calling in the space of IT, the gathering at Digital Gabbar is pondering to begin a movement of gatherings with notable Digital sponsors, Bloggers, YouTubers, Entrepreneurs in a bid to give future digital promoters a jist of their veritable stories which can go far in boosting their journey to remain prodded. 

Incepted when the pandemic began to spread its arms, Digital Gabbar was obliged those individuals who lost their wellspring of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rohit has been joined by various change makers in this keen trip and he furthermore plans for further developed promoters, bloggers, YouTubers, financial specialists and destitute individuals to join this driving bombshell. Rohit with his magnanimous heart offers resources for individuals so they can develop the vital capacities to work with this change occurred due to Covid-19.

Digital Gabbar began to give the chance of ​​income to young India in a high level way.

Having driven a couple of astounding automated campaigns from the front alongwith his renowned progressed association, Rohit provides some expert guidance which says a ton regarding his skills and abilities.

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