Retired State Trooper Randall Stevens Launches His Memoir, Detailing The Multi-Faceted Experiences of a Young Officer


Author and retired state trooper Randall Stevens recently released his memoir, I Hate Campaign Hats: Police Stories of a Young State Trooper Making His Way with Faith, Love, and Silly Humor, a project that has been in development for over 50 years. Rather than writing a twisty, chilling crime drama or an insider look at a riveting case, Stevens was inspired to chronicle his career as a way of showing the multi-faceted experiences that can affect a young officer first making his way into the world.

I Hate Campaign Hats begins in 1966 as Stevens first pursues the idea of becoming a Massachusetts State Police Trooper. Decades later, as Stevens reflects upon a decorated career, his mind doesn’t go to impressive accomplishments or noteworthy arrests. Instead, he remembers the people he met and the influences that shaped him, the moments that made him feel human amidst the whirlwind of emotions that often characterized his day-to-day activities as an officer.

With vulnerability and sincerity, Stevens gives the audience a glimpse into both his personal and professional lives. Although many of the anecdotes in I Hate Campaign Hats are humorous, others are full of heartbreak, loss, and conflict. From working undercover to losing his wife of 40 years to cancer, Stevens shares both the stories that he needs to tell and the ones that he believes others should hear.

Fans of All Creatures Great and Small will enjoy Stevens’s short stories and conversational, informal style. I Hate Campaign Hats is perfect for readers who are looking for a different side of the typical police genre, one that comments on an officer’s personal life and what it means to be human 

I Hate Campaign Hats: Police Stories of a Young State Trooper Making His Way with Faith, Love, and Silly Humor is available for purchase on Reviewers describe I Hate Campaign Hats as a much-loved favorite, a book that rings “straightforward and true, filled with details, honesty, humility, and humor.” If readers learn anything from his work, Stevens hopes that they will see police as people who are fallible, individual, good, bad, and everything in between.

Randall Stevens was born in Cambridge, MA in 1946. He joined the Massachusetts State Police in 1968 and served for 32 years before his retirement in 2001. He commanded substations and served as the Executive Officer of Troop B. After losing his wife Marion to cancer after a forty-year marriage, he was blessed to find love again. When he isn’t writing, Stevens enjoys drawing, painting, motorcycling, and cooking. He lives and writes in Western Massachusetts with his second wife, Anne.