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 Not just two-wheelers, hitting a pothole can also result in wheel misalignment in cars.
Not just two-wheelers, hitting a pothole can also result in wheel misalignment in cars.

The condition of city roads has gone from bad to worse and two-wheeler riders are the most affected. Though potholes have been filled up on many roads, shoddy work has only rendered their surface uneven.

Experts said motorists should pay attention to tyre pressure as hitting a pothole even at relatively slow speeds can result in an accident and damage the vehicle. “Tyres should not be under or overinflated,” said Prabhakar Pai, president of Dakshina Kannada Automobile and Tyre Dealers’ Association. He urged motorists to have a tyre gauge to regularly check the pressure to ensure it complies with the vehicle manufacturer’s prescription.

“Damage to tyre includes sidewall bulges and cuts which may pose accidents. Two-wheeler riders are more vulnerable to pothole-related accidents since they cannot spot the potholes immediately while riding. Civic agencies should focus on repairing damaged stretches on a war footing,” Pai said.

Not just two-wheelers, hitting a pothole can also result in wheel misalignment in cars. According to experts, lower pressures can cause a rise in fuel consumption and more wear of tyres. “Properly inflated tyres will limit pothole damage as well as accidents. Two-wheeler riders lose balance quickly, so it is a more dangerous mode of transportation compared to four-wheelers,” said mobility expert MN Srihari.

MP Shyam, past president (Karnataka chapter), Federation of Automobile Dealers’ Association, said: “Hitting potholes not only punctures tyres and leads to accidents, but also affects fuel efficiency and smoothness of the journey. Motorists should always follow the minimum PSI — pound-force per square inch, a unit of pressure — levels of the vehicle, which can be seen in the owner’s manual.”

Some passengers said whitetopped roads in the city also turn slippery during rain, causing accidents. “It’s very difficult to ride on whitetopped roads, especially during rain because of no grip,” said Sathish S, a regular two-wheeler rider on Hosur Road.

Scooters skid frequently because of their inherent design, as their weight is more concentrated on the rear wheel. “Two-wheeler riders should avoid applying sudden brake and should not lean towards one side. They should avoid sharp turns while the roads are wet and should ride very carefully during rainy season,” said a traffic cop.

Many puncture repair shopkeepers in the city too have witnessed an increase in business due to potholes. They said punctures caused by road debris, particularly nails and such other things increase during monsoon.

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