Samantha Lerouge: The Blueprint of a Creativepreneur


Endlessly walking towards personal success is a challenging decision entrepreneurs often choose to take. They are taking the first and hardest steps in going out of one’s comfort zone, meeting new people while learning new things, discovering the tiring process of trial and error to success, and learning how to pick oneself up upon failures because no one else will.  Entrepreneurs already face several hardships before reaching their destination, but this did not stop Samantha Lerouge from assisting others to the success they have been working hard for. Instead, her success intensified her eagerness to make a change.

Samantha Lerouge is a marketing consultant, owner of Lerouge Consulting, and a millennial creativepreneur. She is a co-founder of a lifestyle brand called Adult-ish, and she is known for her versatile skills and expertise in various fields of entrepreneurship. Working with small to high-end brands, Samantha assists businesses in their creative endeavors and paves clearer paths for their successes. She keeps businesses at pace with the creative demands of the ever-expanding digitalized world, and she makes brands a step ahead of their competitors on their creatives.

Recognizing the need to stand on relevant social concerns, Samantha Lerouge advocates for the rights of Black women. Black women have played a crucial role in the advancement of the business, political, and cultural landscape in America. She uses her platform to let people know that Black women deserve to be celebrated more than during Black History Month & Women’s Month. She encourages people to join her as she celebrates their contributions throughout the year. Standing up for what she believes in and doing everything she can to make social change, Samantha utilizes her platform and consistently leads people to change.

Samantha curated a series highlighting black women, partnered with Visual and Graphic Artist, Michael X Hugue, for the Black Print Series. Putting into the spotlight their unrecognized contributions, she showcases the greatness of women who are currently challenging the status quo and making an imprint in history.

Aside from using her platform for advocacy, Samantha inspires people to believe that success in the creative industry and entrepreneurship is possible. She proves that as long one consistently strives to succeed, flourishing is never impossible. Samantha manages Lerouge Consulting. At the same time, she also has creative projects such as the Black Print Series. It is possible to have the best of both worlds, and Samantha aims to let people know that.

Pursuing entrepreneurship and the creative industry is a challenging decision. Aspiring individuals may experience several failures throughout the journey, people may be  discouraged along the way, and personal concerns may hinder dreamers from moving forward. While it is inevitably a complicated and challenging ride, Samantha reminds entrepreneurs to find transformative ways in pursuing their businesses.

Not because a person is moving forward, one is already taking steps towards success. It is not always the case. Sometimes, people have to learn how to walk towards their desired destination without stepping on the wrong path. With all the possible hindrances and obstacles along the way, the business’ mission, passion, and purpose will keep entrepreneurs in the right direction. Samantha is living proof of that truth.