Sanjana Sanghi Launches Mental Health Campaign Titled ‘Here To Hear’ (View Post)


Actress Sanjana Sanghi on Saturday announced the launch of a mental health campaign titled Here to Hear. As part of her campaign, people will get free sessions with psychologists and qualified listeners associated with the online counselling platform. “There was never a rule book handed to any of us, on how to cope with a catastrophic pandemic like we are presently facing. And in the absence of that rule book, amidst such a grave crisis that is ridden with loss of life and uncertainty – we can easily find ourselves consumed with all kinds of worrying thoughts, fears, anxieties, and confusion,” she posted on Instagram. Sanjana Sanghi Is Sparking Off Some Effortless Brilliance in Bandhej for Dil Bechara Promotions!

She added that she is happy to see people supporting each another in these days of crisis. “I’m so proud to see all of us as citizens stepping up to help in ways big & small, and I truly hope our work that has gone behind making Here to Hear possible helps. De-stigmatising seeking the support of mental health experts, as well as emphasising the importance of doing so to be able to disentangle the many thoughts that may be making this already tough circumstance even tougher is extremely crucial,” she said. Sanjana Sanghi Spins a Splendid Style Story in Checks and Bows!

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The actress said that the programme is open for everyone and is free of cost.”Anybody who is seeking help can register and book a 30-minute De-Stress Session at ‘Here to Hear’ anywhere, anytime, absolutely free of charge thereby bridging the gap of inaccessibility and non-affordability of quality mental health care services,” she said. The platform will provide counselling therapies through audio and text support sessions.

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