Sardar Ka Grandson: Arjun Kapoor Recalls Being Bitten by the Dog Barood While Shooting for His Film


Actor Arjun Kapoor recalls being bitten by a doberman while shooting with the dog, Barood, on the set of Sardar Ka Grandson. “We were filming a dog biting sequence and Barood ended up biting me! To give you some background, we had to set up a scene with a lot of chaos when I finally return home after years to meet Sardar, in which the dog comes and attacks me assuming I’m an intruder. So, I spent enough time with our main hero of the scene — Barood — off-camera for a day or two, putting him at ease with me,” recalls Arjun. Sardar Ka Grandson Song Jee Ni Karda: Arjun Kapoor and Rakul Preet Groove to Punjabi Tunes In This Energetic Number (Watch Video).

“Cut to the day of the shoot, a regular long day where we had retakes with Barood and me, and yet a lot of work was left to finish and (there was) the general shoot madness. Some assistant during the take on the mic decided to shout the word ‘kato’ — which means ‘bite’ — and considering that as an order, he snapped out of his leash, charged towards me and bit me on the leg!” the actor says. Arjun Kapoor Reacts to Neena Gupta’s Role in Sardar Ka Grandson, Says ‘I Think the Way She Behaves Is Very Similar to My Nani’.

“A second later when I said ‘heel’, he obediently let go and stood beside me! I still have a scar from the incident for life to remind me of Sardar Ka Grandson and ‘Sardar Ka Barood’,” says Arjun. Sardar Ka Grandson is all set to release on May 18 on Netflix. The ensemble cast includes Neena Gupta, Rakulpreet Singh, Kanlwajit Singh, John Abraham, Aditi Rao Hydari and Kumud Mishra.

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