Serial Entrepreneur Mark Mardaa Revolutionizes Foreign Exchange With Machine Learning!


Entrepreneur and businessman Mark Mardaa has combined Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to develop revolutionary software that has created a buzz in the foreign exchange market. With the help of his mentors and partners, he created a new approach to learning how to trade, they call it Software Assisted Forex Education which makes people’s trading experience much better than ordinary educational courses.

Traders have been recommending and following Mark for his new generation software that has started to make waves in the forex industry with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As of today, the forex industry is worth more than $2.4 quadrillion around the world which makes it one of the fastest growing industries. More than $6.6 trillion is traded on a daily basis in different parts of the world. This emphasizes the importance of having the assistance of a quick and responsive technology that adapts according to the changing market demands.

Mark and his partners have minimized the risk of failure for forex traders by using AI and Machine Learning in their software. By using this software, many traders have joined the club of the top 90% forex traders in the world who rely on robots for generating six to seven-figure profits individually and for their team.

Like every successful entrepreneur, Mark climbed his way up to the top from the bottom. As a child of a middle class Hungarian family, he moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 23. His experience of having nothing fueled him into learning the importance of networking and education. He worked as a taxi driver during the day, and in his spare time he invested in himself by learning about marketing, sales, machine learning, coding, and the volatility of the foreign exchange markets. Out of all the subjects, his interest in forex and AI lead him in co-creating a new way for investors that teaches them how to trade smartly.

Leveraging his sources and connections, Mark found himself to be working with a big team of engineers who have helped him in creating his most profitable business thus far, Higher Level FX. This company is earning 7-figure profits as of now.

From a mere taxi driver in the UK to a 7-figure business owner in the USA, Mark has come a long way in his journey to success. He credits his success to his many mentors who taught him the importance of having a positive and knowledgeable social circle, and most importantly, discipline.

Mark emphasizes the importance of having a well-balanced and disciplined lifestyle for succeeding professionally and personally. He starts his day by contemplating the work list for the day while he exercises in the gym. The important tasks for his day are prioritized and solved first before moving on to other things that are less pressing. Once the work is completed, he enjoys relaxing at his home with his wife and exploring nature. This balance between personal and professional life is pivotal to a man’s success according to Mark.

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