Setting Trends in the Online Bedroom Furniture with the Contemporary and Mid-Century Furniture Concepts


The bedroom is one of the most important and private spaces of your abode. Every element of this room is carefully and tactfully chosen by the home designers and interior designers to achieve the perfect look and give your décor a stunning appearance. Online bedroom furniture is in great demand due to its strong prominence and ability to transform a premise into a masterpiece. The furniture giants and market leaders in the furniture sector are trying all their means to introduce novel furniture concepts that are a perfect fusion of creativity and utility.

Craftatoz is one of the leading and most promising online furniture stores in India. The company started its operation in 1889. The company owns a furniture manufacturing unit in the furniture capital of India ‘Saharanpur’. The city is renowned for its excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Parvez Ali the founder of Craftatoz strongly advocates the regal furniture carving technique and aims at preserving the same. The business enthusiasts with a vision to transform and upscale online furniture and make royal furniture available to the masses brings to the masses a thoughtful and intricately curated assemblage of online furniture.

Bedroom Furniture That Is Innovative and Smart

The furniture segment in the last few years has evolved immensely. It is no more about just the utility, the other aspects of furniture such as material, finishing, fine detailing, wood type are given high preference. The customers today believe in investing in products that are quality-oriented, stylish and provide optimum value to them. The perceived value of customers and their expectations forms the basis of furniture productions. Trendy and stylish furniture that is a perfect combination of modernism, utility and superior aesthetic appearance are given high preference. Bedroom furniture is no exception to this. There are umpteen alternatives and varieties available in the online as well as offline media in the bedroom furniture category. The options in the bedroom furniture segment are as vast as the sea. Some exceptional furniture designers and stores offer contemporary and sleek bedroom furniture that is smart, compact and a great space saver.

Colourful and Vibrant Textures

Bedroom furniture enhances the overall mood of the place and sets the right tone. They add a layer of texture to your room and help to break the monotony. Bedroom furniture is now looked upon as a marvel with much emphasis on its finishing and texture. Bedroom furniture such as wardrobes, side tables, closet, the bed is crafted with utmost attention taking into consideration space constraints as well as the need of urban homes. Wooden beds and wardrobes are available in ample finesse options that allow one to explore creative freedom to the fullest and give your space a special touch.

Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

Every abode is different and so is its theme and requirements, many a time it is a cumbersome task to find the right fit furniture for your bedroom. Some leading online furniture stores like Craftatoz to solve this problem and provide utmost convenience and flexibility to the customers have come up with a unique idea of building to order furniture. This concept allows customers to view the product portfolio of the furniture store, select the ideal piece of furniture and get them customized to meet their taste and preference. The expert technical team of a furniture store assists customers to choose the furniture, make the modifications such as change the colour, style, size amendments, material changes and other aesthetic as well as utility changes. The new custom-made furniture has now gained immense popularity due to its strong connection with the customers and satisfaction ratio.

The Trending Bedroom Online Furniture

The trends and styles in the furniture industry are ever-evolving and ever-changing. Every now and then some new introductions are sure to captivate the interest of the masses and attract them. Currently, pastel shades and wooden furniture are in trend. Modern urban consumers are looking out for dainty, simple yet creative design that speaks volume about their style quotient and creates a harmony of space and design. Craftatoz has the widest range of top-notch and exquisite bedroom furniture that elevates the appearance of a bedroom whilst adding a luxury element to it.