Shane Mulgrew – A Fitness Trainer Turned Peak Performance Coach


His Remarkable Journey of Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve More by Doing Less

Meet Shane Mulgrew, an industry thought leader who helps multi-millionaires achieve peak performance in their business, health and personal life. With his expertise and systems, he leads entrepreneurs and business coaches toward scaling their business to 7-Figure Growth.

What has Inspired Shane to Build a Successful Business Empire

Shane is a Minimalist and believes in living a Simplistic life, “I don’t like too much stuff as it can all be distracting, eliminating distractions is one of my super powers. I’m even very careful with the amount of decisions I need to make in one day, so I already know what clothes I’m wearing, what my schedule is and my focus is always on the priorities for that particular day”. Shane  gives utmost importance to Health, Wealth & Freedom and helps his clients achieve these three things under his expert guidance. Today, he works with clients from all over the world and offers to provide enormous value and guaranteed results with his exceptional craft.

But life hasn’t always been this kind to Shane. Being held back at school for not being educated or equal to the other students has stuck with him for a very long time. As he grew younger, the incident still stayed with him, which would invoke suicidal thoughts, negative emotions and a downward spiral.

Shane uprooted himself from the challenges and struggles life threw at him. He would work tirelessly for 18 hours per day for £30 per hour as a gym trainer. But, he knew he didn’t want the life he was living back then and had a deep desire to make something more out of his life. “I have always wanted more, I can’t explain what it is but there’s something within me that keeps me striving for some form of greatness. I will not give up on what I want to achieve for myself and my clients quickly realise that giving up isn’t ever an option for them either. I believe there is always a light at the end of the tunnel no matter what you are going through and that fills me with consistent energy, optimism and enthusiasm.”

However, one day things took a drastic turn when he suddenly lost one of his best friends from a hidden heart problem. This incident had such a huge impact on him that he made a conscious decision on the very same day that he would make the most of his life and do everything he could to find happiness, success and freedom.

Hence, the idea of Peak Performance Coaching Business was born. Being a peak performer himself, Shane started helping entrepreneurs with his scientifically & mathematically proven techniques that helps them eliminate distractions and focus on the priority tasks to scale their revenue to 7 figures and have more life by consciously improving their health along the way.

Life after the Pandemic

There has been a surge in the demand for coaching and mentorship during this pandemic more than ever. The Pandemic has made business owners and entrepreneurs realise the importance of physical & mental health. Many have gone through terrible emotional distress and vulnerability during this tough time, which has enabled them to take steps towards actively seeking help to come out of it. This is where Shane was able to come in and help people improve and succeed in their ventures and life with his expertise.

His Visions in LIfe

Shane aims at expanding the culture of health, wealth and entrepreneurship worldwide transforming the lives of at least 10,000  entrepreneurs. He wishes to establish a mental health organisation and become a renowned philanthropist and industry leader.

Life Advice from Shane

Shane believes everyone can unleash the power of their peak potential and live the life they truly desire. In doing so, they must seek help and guidance if needed to achieve their goals faster and effectively. He strictly advises people to focus on their happiness, inner-peace and self-love.

He quotes, “Stop worrying about the future, live in the present and focus on today’s priorities. Work on your physical, mental & emotional health, let life guide you to where you need to be through passion and mentorship and then focus on building real genuine & sincere relationships.”