Singer & Serial Entrepreneur Sahil Sachdeva Steals Limelight With Level Up Venture : Reports


Based out of India, this 24 year old charismatic and enigmatic man, Sahil Sachdeva is taking the marketing industry by storm with his enterprise ‘Level Up Clout’. This venture was launched during the landmark period of Covid-19 pandemic. Inspite of being a full time artist with various singing gigs at weddings, cafes, being a voice over artist at ‘Ferns n petals, etc – he added a new feature to his cap as a marketer that quickly picked up steam.

This is his first year as a CEO, and he has already worked with A-list celebrities, multi-millionaires, and has also helped over 500 personal brands in improving and strengthening their brand presence in the market. With a revenue of over six figure (USD) revenue business range in very near time, a feat Sahil managed by turning the pandemic situation to his advantage in just the first 6 months of business.

A Brief History of Sahil Sachdeva

Hailing from a business family, Sahil’s entrepreneurial blood instigated him to break out on his own and build his success with his own merit and hard work. He was quite sure that a 9 to 5 job is not something that would fulfill him. His first business ‘Takenz’ was a rental business that did not work out as per expectations, but this did not decrease Sahil’s impeccable determination to reach the sky. He never gave up the dream of becoming an independent entrepreneur. He took the risk to learn what was needed and discovered that his ability to make genuine connections was an undeniable strength in his business. He happens to e-meet at least 10 people on a daily basis and believes that exposing one’s business to as many people as possible is what propels you forward in both professional and personal life.

Sahil believes in the attitude that limns about taking actions in the right direction that eventually breathes fire into a business and that money will follow after. He spends everyday expanding his knowledge base and focusing all his time and attention to his dream. He firmly believes in the pivotal role of having mentors who are experts in their field and not wasting time trying to figure everything out by oneself. He wishes to travel the world making connections and enjoying a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

Turning Visions To Reality With Level Up

The transition to being a marketer gave birth to Level Up Holdings, a company that encapsulates Sahil’s vision. The company includes Level Up Clout – a personal branding agency and Level Up Influence – an influencer marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs and celebrities to elevate their presence in their niche industries and set themselves apart.

As the marketing world is highly dynamic and needs constant up to date mind while you network, Sahil took the pandemic period to his advantage, and was highly successful even at this time. His clients experienced a surge in their online presence and this gave him a big portion of the market involving building a name brand and increasing its range of influence significantly.

What’s next for Level Up Clout ?

Well, Sahil plans to take his business to the seven figure (USD) revenue range in the next year, and expand his horizons in business. Sahil is a true testimony to the value and effectiveness of hard work, single minded focus and the passion for your work.