Sitanshu Jadhav – A Digital Creator Who Came on the Front Page From the Last Bench


From the last bench kid to a successful digital creator, Life for Sitanshu Jadhav was not less than a story. Right from the very beginning of his school days, Sitanshu was a creative and hardworking person, who never skipped any day in achieving his goals. Just like every small kid, he also wanted to be a successful person, and to become that he was ready to go the extra mile.

With the time passing by, he started having clear goals and mindset, where he came to know about where he wants to go in his life to achieve excellence. At the young age of 23 years, he started his journey in social media marketing where he interacted with multiple clients hailing from different industries. He always had a creative mind and was always able to surprise his clients with fresh ideas. His fun-loving nature and humbleness to clients took him to explore international brands. Other than his professional life, Sitanshu has a fun and interesting life where he spends time with his friends and play outdoor games to keep his body fit and energetic. He follows the policy that if you make money then you must stay fit to spend it else all that hard-earned money will be wasted on your medical expenses.

This is why he spends time with your friends playing and apart from this he does yoga to keep his mind and soul in the centre and he always tries to make them a powerhouse of his creative ideas and thinking.

Although, he faced many hurdles in achieving success but stayed focused on his goals and played in his own style. His power mantra for success was his hardworking dedication and never giving up attitude which made him one step closer to his aim i.e to make million dollar company in the future. With his day-night hustling, he started getting more and more clients and he started to get more visibility on social media platforms. Big brands and celebrities started approaching SItanshu for getting their work done and yes by this project started coming and he started to get renowned in his city. During his journey to become a successful creator, he started his own company named Click Simba in the USA, which brought many good projects.

“Success is only for those who crave for it” – Sitanshu Jadav. He always believed that success is not just a matter of luck, it’s more about your efforts, dedication, attitude, and hard work. If you combine all these things together only then you’ll be able to achieve great success in your life. This is why he always stayed focused and kept all his concentration and energy in achieving his goals. He said – “ Life is tough so does your goals are tough, don’t let your goals scare you. Just keep hustling to achieve them”.

Keep yourself motivated as you are your only motivation who can make it easier to achieve success in life.