Slash Jeans Adds to The List of Weird Denim Trends Making Us Shout ‘It’s Not Fashion, It’s FASHUN’


Denim is never out of fashion. Be it summer, winter, or rainy season, we love to wear denim jeans.  Even the celebrities swear by denim. Denim pants, skirts, and dresses look perfect on everyone. Be it a birthday party or an office party, denim is perfect for any outing.  However, denim trends never fail to shock us.  This year ‘Slash jeans’ have made it to the list of weird denim trends. Well yes, you heard it right! The trend has set Twitter abuzz.

A Twitter user has shared a few pictures of a few Slash jeans and the tweet has gone viral in no time. Netizens are sharing their opinion and some hilarious memes. Even this weird denim trend is also making us shout it’s not ‘Fashion’ it is ‘Fashun’.  The Slash jeans are by a brand named LEJE. They have also shared a few pictures of the same on their Instagram handle. The brand named LEJE has also shared a photo of ‘L’ jeans.  Reportedly, they cost $375 (27,400) and $475 (34,800) respectively.

Soon after they posted the pictures of the jeans, comments started pouring in on the same. “I love/hate these. Like, I can’t directly look at them without making a face but I would gladly buy a few pairs and make the most ridiculous outfits possible lol,” posted a user. “That seems less ‘stylish’ and more ‘ruined’. Those things wouldn’t last a week in common usage before they got ripped apart by snagging on things,” posted another individual. Take a look:

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Let us know in the comment section which bizarre denim trends have astonished you so far.

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