Small Town Boy Turned into Youngest Entrepreneur


“Big dreams have a small beginning” – Pranay Jaiwant, the man who started his entrepreneur journey with a dream and is now one of the youngest entrepreneurs from M.P.

He always wants to become a successful personality and always dreams to become the first millionaire in his family. To achieve his goals, he was fully focused and had the right attitude which makes his journey closer to success.

During his school time, he used to read books in the library which motivated him to follow his passion of becoming an entrepreneur. Once a teacher dunning an interactive session asked

Pranya Jaiwant that what type of job is he searching for and he replied in a very lite tone I want to give the job to others. This was the first time in his life that give a clear vision of his goals and dreams. He started reading many books and followed many successful entrepreneurs to learn from them. He always believed that learning never comes from success stories, it always comes from failures. This is why he focused on mistakes and failures that successful entrepreneurs did in their entire life, making sure that he doesn’t repeat those same mistakes.

His entrepreneurial mindset and attitude helped him in bagging the title of one of the youngest entrepreneurs from M.P. With his growing presence across M.P, he started a digital marketing agency named “New Digital Yug”, Pranay was the ‘C.E.O” and “Co-founder” of the digital firm. Initially, they started expanding their business in India and also they started taking projects Worldwide With the efforts of his team, they started international projects which involved working with many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, who relied on New Digital Yug digital services. Not only this, Pranay was able to create a strong online presence of his companies which started making his online prints more stronger and reliable.

Along with this, he also had an interest in “cryptocurrencies”. As “cryptocurrency” was in the trend and his curious mind always wanted to test new things in the market so that he is the first one to leverage its power. This is why he started learning about bitcoins and other crypto, over time he mastered the skills of trading in crypto and is now one of the renowned traders in the crypto world. His skills and continuous dedication towards his work made it easier for him to achieve his goals.

Pranay always mentions that nothing in life comes easy, everything is hard it’s just what hard thing you choose that you can do happily even after failing. This is where he gave a new meaning to passion and dedication. It’s not the big leap that counts but it’s the small efforts that count which you make on daily basis to achieve your dream goals. Make sure that you always keep hustling towards your goals with eagerness to achieve excellence, thus making your journey worth sharing just like Pranay.