Sri Lanka Halts Trains, Buses To Curb Escalating Number of COVID-19 Infections in the Country


Colombo, May 22: Sri Lanka halted passenger trains and buses for four days as authorities imposed a fresh travel ban across the country, in its latest efforts to curb the escalating number of COVID-19 infections and deaths. The ban is effective from Friday night until Tuesday morning. However, it will not apply to those engaged in essential services such as the health, food, and power sectors, and those seeking medical treatment.

The move comes as the island’s key medical associations demand the government lockdown the country for two weeks. The associations say the actual number of coronavirus infections is more than three times the number detected. Sri Lanka Imposes Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine for All Inbound Travellers Amid Rise in COVID-19 Infections.

Sri Lanka has already banned public gatherings, parties, weddings and closed schools and universities.  Health officials warn that the confirmed cases could rise further in the next two weeks because of the last month’s celebrations and shopping by the people to mark the traditional new year.

The health ministry says Sri Lanka’s total number of positive cases have reached 154,786 with 1089 fatalities.

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