Star vs Food: Kareena Kapoor Khan Talks About Gaining 8 Kilos After Her Recent Holiday in Tuscany With Hubby Saif Ali Khan


Kareena Kapoor Khan says she gained eight kilos after her recent holiday in Tuscany with her husband, actor Saif Ali Khan, because all she did was watch the chef make pizzas day! “We went for a holiday to Tuscany and we had all these amazing brick oven pizzas and I came back gaining eight kilos because all I did was watch that chef make pizza’s day in and day out. It was like an art, making a pizza is easy but starting from scratch and actually doing it the way they do is an art,” Kareena said. Star Vs Food: Kareena Kapoor, Karan Johar and Pratik Gandhi to Flaunt Culinary Skills in Discovery+ Show.

Kareena also spoke about being health conscious. “I think most of the times actors have been very healthy with what they eat. This generation specially is extremely conscious of their food, no gluten, no sugar, or everyone is on some sort of packed meal. Back when Karishma was still in the movies, people were not as conscious of food, but today’s generation is always interested in knowing what’s in their meal, from salt to the quantity of oil,” Kareena said. Kareena Kapoor Khan Opens Up On Her Pregnancy Cravings; Three Things She Takes to Bed and More!

The actress added that she was shocked with the amount of oil that goes into making pesto sauce that she made in the show. “So, I think everyone is conscious including me because it’s in my family to put on weight easily, so I have to be extra careful,” she said, on the Discovery+ show Star Vs Food, where she was seen making stuffed burrata and pesto pizza.

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