Stephen Amell Birthday: 5 Of His Best Moments as Oliver Queen Aka Arrow


Stephen Amell celebrates his birthday on May 8 and we decided to recall some of his best Arrow moments. The DC superhero who recently bid adieu to his superhero universe was among the favourite ones on the TV. While not everyone was a fan of Arrow as a superhero character, Amell certainly made us fall in love with it. The Canadian born who made our jaws drop is certainly an actor whom we loved seeing on the small screen and his physique… uff… that’s a topic for another day. Arrow Star Stephen Amell Owns Properties in the US and Pays Taxes but Can’t Vote, Here’s Why!

And while we keep drooling over his videos, it’s time we recall some of his best moments as the superhero.

When He Handed Over the Mantle to Mia 

Knowing that his death is nearing, Amell’s Green Arrow decided to pass on his mantle to Mia. Knowing that she was his daughter and fit to be the next Green Arrow, he willingly lets him take his place and it was a rather emotional moment.

Stephen Amell in Arrow (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Killing Damien Darhk

Damien Darhk was one of the most challenging foes that Green Arrow had to lock horns with. He was ruthless and cunning and was responsible for the death of  Laurel Lance/Black Canary (Katie Cassidy), he had to pay for his sins. And we are so glad that Green Arrow didn’t show any remorse this time.

Stephen Amell in Arrow (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Revealing His Identity

Oliver had his own Iron Man moment when he revealed to the world that he was, in fact, the Green Arrow. After denying it in all the seasons, Oliver finally reveals himself as the Green Arrow in season six and strikes a deal with the FBI, thereby providing immunity to his Team Arrow. A good leader would always do that. Arrow Star Stephen Amell Reveals He Tested Positive for COVID-19 in Recent Podcast Interview.

Stephen Amell in Arrow (Photo Credits: Instagram)

When He Teams Up With Flash

Green Arrow had its crossover when Green Arrow met Flash and together they teamed up to fight their super enemies. It was in season 3 when they finally got together and formed a team thereby giving us a euphoric moment.

Stephen Amell in Arrow (Photo Credits: Instagram)

His Second Death 

Yes, he died twice but that’s what heroes do, right? After fighting for the final time and also creating a new universe entirely, Oliver as the Green Arrow breathes his last. The emotions were intense but we are glad for it gave him a fitting end and a hero’s death.

Stephen Amell in Arrow (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Happy Birthday, Stephen Amell. We’ll miss you as Oliver.

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