Swapnil Vasant Kankanwade Leading His Life as an Example in Digital Marketing and Media


Swapnil Vasant Kankanwade is a dynamic young man who is doing some exceptional work in the area of digital marketing and media. Being a digital marketing influencer, he has guided and kept many of his clients high on the pedestal producing effective results for their marketing campaigns. He hails from a small place near Kolhapur, a traditional city in Maharashtra known for its rich ethnicity in the state, has evolved up high to set an example before his youngsters. He practices and preaches a perfect work life balance contributing also for the society as and when it needs with any social campaign.

He is a rare gem in the modern day generation who thinks beyond profit margins and revenues. This has always helped him to gain good in his career in digital marketing and media. He took the plunge in social media when he was barely 18 and slowly and steadily honed all the skill sets which made him a competitive digital marketer. This helped him evolve as a competitive Facebook Ads-break along with being an Instant Article expert. He mastered the recently launched Facebook Ad-breaks helping him win 1.5 M per month with the features like Ads-break and Instant Article.

Some of his traits, which he practise and preach unflinchingly include consistency, diligence, focusses efforts, and with 100 percent productivity. Any newbie or anyone aspiring to be a digital marketer, he calls them to practise these attributes and the success is bound to come along. All these traits have helped him to prove his productivity before his clients giving them some remarkable achievement in their social media campaigns. He is simply unstoppable when it comes to sailing his boat smoothly in these turbulent times. He is leading his professional and personal life as an example before the world with his incredible work in the area of digital marketing.