Swiss Model Marie Breguet is Steadily Rising in The Entrepreneurial World


Soon she successfully debuted as a model and started working on different assignments in the field.

Women across the globe are stepping out of the comforts of their homes and taking up leadership roles in distinct positions which were earlier considered to be only for men domain. Times have changed now for the better, and women empowerment has taken over the world in the 21st century. Today, we see women leading in every field and making their presence felt strongly, be it modeling, sports, jobs or business, they have excelled in every zone and have made a strong impact whenever they have set their foot on. Out of the many such successful women who have carved a niche for themselves is Marie Breguet, who has not only conquered the modeling world but now is all set to takeover the entrepreneurial world by establishing her interesting ventures. 

Marie hails from Switzerland and has made her mark on a foreign soil, in Miami. She debuted as a model and is now ready to set her foot in the world of business. We ask her about her journey and what made her transition into an entrepreneur. Here’s what she had to say, “I came from Switzerland to Miami to experience a new lifestyle which this part of the world had to offer. Soon I successfully debuted as a model and started working on different assignments in the field. I polished my hold on contrasting languages like English, French, German and Spanish, which helped me to a great extent in connecting with people from various backgrounds which helped be gain a global perspective on how the world works. That also helped me in my passion to host events and people.”

All was good until the pandemic struck the globe making people rethink about their careers as the whole world had come to a screeching halt. This is when Marie developed an additional interest in trying her hands out in business. She created three different ventures namely ‘MB Beauty’, where she will be providing beauty services for ladies such as manicure, pedicure and eyelashes extensions, ‘MB Masks’, which would be selling diamond masks and lastly ‘MB Credit’, through which she will be helping people boost their credit scores helping them build a better future. By entering the entrepreneurial band wagon she wants to prove that women have the potential to do much more than the world thinks them of doing and she wants to stand as a true inspiration for all women out there who want to make an impact in their professional lives, just like hers. She says, “if you’re different, you will be noticed and no one can hold you back from achieving success, for sure.”