TalkEsports: A Gaming News Platform For Avid Gamers


Gaming, especially esports, is a rage among all age groups. Gamers all over the world come together to participate in an online clash to prove their mettle. While eSports have been in existence for quite some time, the vigilance and interest in the audience have peaked in the last five years. While many businesses thought of the genre as an utter waste of time and resources, a few gaming enthusiasts believed otherwise. 

One of those successful believers and the highlight today is Mr. Deepak Ojha, who has a keen interest in esports for a long decade. His successful news venture, TalkEsport, is the most visited esports centered website in India and one of the most in the world to learn about the developments in esports, new titles, active competitions, globally dominant players, and business news. 

Mr. Deepak Ojha was an avid geek from the start. He wouldn’t let his eyes off the computer screen as soon as he returned from school. He spent his entire childhood learning, exploring, and even creating a few minor computer games tournaments. With the advent of the internet in his home, he learned about a global consortium of gamers where one could battle actual players and test their skill. It was pretty appealing as many gamers, by that time, were bored of playing single-player games. Deepak Ojha remains an active personality in the esports industry with his news platform TalkEsport, a hotspot of credible news.

Mr. Deepak Ojha turned his hobby into a rewarding career with sheer determination and no place for naysayers. He sheds light on his career and says, “I am an avid gamer. It is a coincidence that I built a career around esports. When I entered into the esports genre, there was very little information available about the ongoing competitions, the real value of being a pro gamer, upcoming events, etc. After a few years of experience, I started TalkEsport to provide deep knowledge about the new titles, and tips and tricks to perform better in the battle royale. Gaming has caught up with almost every platform, be it handheld or console, or PC. 

Every day, the number of visitors grows in number as more and more esports events are organized all over the globe. It is not just recreational activity anymore. Esports has mutated into a ginormous industry with numerous career opportunities even if you do not want to be a pro gamer.”

Mr. Deepak Ojha recalls the hardships that he faced while trying to build TalkEsport from the ground up. He says, “Almost a couple of years went by in planning as there was nothing available to act upon. I participated in competitions, reached out to fellow gamers to learn about every minuscule detail of the esports industry.

TalkEsport started when people hardly knew the term ‘esport.’ Esports in India has grown beyond expectation and I am happy that TalkEsports is always there to find and list out news, opportunities, and brands for our fellow gamers. This is just the beginning, the esports industry will quash all records by 2025.”