TCS employee count set to breach half-a-million mark


BENGALURU: TCS’s total headcount is set to cross the 5 lakh landmark this year, and given the pace at which its employee numbers are rising, it should become the world’s largest IT services company in terms of employees in a couple of years. Only Accenture is bigger now.
TCS is already India’s largest private sector employer. It’s also bigger than public sector undertakings (PSUs). Only the central government (including the armed forces and Indian Railways), and some of the state governments have more employees.
TCS’s headcount rose by 40,005 during fiscal year 2020-21, taking the total at the end of the year to 488,469. The company has said it will hire about 40,000 from campuses this year. There will be lateral hires too, as also exits. Going by the total headcount growth in recent years and the company’s good order book position, the employee strength should be around 5.3 lakh by the end of this fiscal. About 90,000 of its employees are outside India.
Accenture has 537,000 employees. Over the past year, it had risen by about 28,000. TCS is adding more each year. If that trend continues, it should cross Accenture in 2-3 years. It took TCS four years to get from 1 lakh to 2 lakh employees, three years to get from 2 lakh to 3 lakh, five years to get from 3 lakh to 4 lakh. The next one lakh may happen the fastest, in 2-3 years.
Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of IT consulting & research firm Everest Group, said the size of its work force demonstrates the significant role TCS plays in the labour market for technical resources both in India, and in the US and Europe. “Having said that, the size and scale of its workforce will at some point start to constrain its growth. This amongst other reasons is why TCS is investing heavily in developing IP (intellectual property) based business where their growth is not tied to increases in head count,” he said.
TCS’s chief human resources officer Milind Lakkad said the company’s National Qualifier Test (NQT), which is conducted four times a year, would help it bring in more freshers, and manage the rise in attrition levels. “NQT gives us scope to bring in people as and when we need so there will be no supply constraint,” he said earlier this week.
The war for talent has gone to a new level with skill sets like full stack developers, React-Native, UI/UX designers commanding a premium in the market.