Teacher Appreciation Week 2021 Virtual Celebration Ideas: From Sending Personal E-Cards to Voice Notes; Here’s How You Can Make Your Teachers Feel Special Amid COVID-19 Crisis


Teachers are an integral part of our society. They help shape an individual’s life, guide them to achieve their goals; most importantly they educate us to become better human beings. Their contributions towards our society are immense. So, to celebrate the teachers and to honour their contributions, every year, Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated in the United States during the first week of May. Students and also their family members show gratitude and appreciation for all the great things teachers do for their students. However, this year the Teacher Appreciation Week 2021 in the US is being celebrated from May 3 to May 7, which follows with  National Teachers’ Day celebrated being observed on May 4, Tuesday.

Although, with schools and colleges being closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Teacher Appreciation Week 2021 celebration will be different from the other years. In these challenging times, the teachers across the world are putting their great efforts into the success and well-being of the students. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, parents have also got involved in the education system as children’s are learning virtually from home. And educators across the globe have become a pivotal part of their lives. Thus, students and their parents are continuously expressing their gratitude towards the teachers on social media.

Now, here we have come up with some interesting virtual celebration ideas to make the teachers feel special amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Send E-Card

Sending a card physically will not be an option this year as the teachers aren’t there in the classrooms. Thus, sending them a personal E-card with a ‘Thank You’ note will be a better option. There are several websites available online from where one can use a suitable template to personalise an E-card.

Create a Voice Note

One can create a voice note or sing an appreciation song with their own lyrics to celebrate their favourite teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Write an Email

All the teachers have wonderfully adapted to remote teaching and learning this year; thus, parents can write an email to their child’s favourite teacher expressing their respect and honour for all they have done amid the tough times.

Gift a Virtual Gift Card

Well, sending them a virtual gift card can be another great option. One can gift them a cosmetic voucher, gift card or can also purchase them an OTT-platform subscription.

Make a Photo Collage Message

This idea is one of the best ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week but it requires some coordination and planning. To execute the plan properly, one must communicate and gather pictures of their friends and family. After that, one can make a collage of the same with thank you note written on it and share it on social media while tagging their favourite teacher on it.

So, this year do not forget to celebrate your teachers virtually and always remember that they deserve all the appreciation for their hard work to educate the society.

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