Tesla India appoints Prashanth R. Menon as Director


Tesla has appointed Prashanth R. Menon as Director for its India operations. Menon has been with Tesla for four years now and has taken charge to oversee the company’s introduction in India.

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Tesla’s entry is expected to make huge waves in the electric vehicle ecosystem of India. Goes without saying, Menon’s Tesla experience will prove to be fruitful for Tesla seeing he already knows the drill thanks to his past experience. For the record, Menon has previously worked as Tesla’s Director Advisory of Cost, Process, and Regulatory measures in the US. In addition to that, Menon also has experience with Elon Musk (prior to Tesla), as both have attended the same University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School of Business.

Menon’s new job title was found by @TeslaClubIN on Twitter.

Earlier in 2021, Tesla has named a group of executives who will oversee Tesla’s India entry. Tesla announced Vaibhav Taneja, David Feinstein, and Venkatrangam Sreeram as the three employees who will be responsible for steering Tesla’s operations in India. Needless to say, Tesla has ramped up efforts for setting up business in India and is making adequate progress so far in 2021 to get things running in top gear.

As Tesla continues to build a team comprising an impressive stack of company employees and industry veterans to oversee its India operations, more details are likely to be rolled out soon.

Meanwhile, Tesla is gearing up to get its Giga Texas and Giga Berlin production sites up and running by the end of 2021. Musk has announced that while limited production from both factories will commence in 2021, full production is likely to be attained in 2022.