Tesla plans to put in EV components recycling facilities at its Shanghai factory


Electric vehicle (EV) maker giant, Tesla Inc has decided to add facilities at its Shanghai factory to carry on repairing and reproducing important components like battery cells and electric motors, according to a report. It also says that the company plans to put in manufacturing capacities for car structures and electric motor controllers. However, the report did not specify a concrete number for it.

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Currently, the world’s biggest automobile market China which sold over 1.3 million electric and plug-in hybrid last year has formed rules to recycle key EV components to conserve the environment and avoid unnecessary wastage of materials. The manufacturer of Model 3 and Model Y cars is in the process of expanding the manufacturing capacity of various EV components in an effort to localize the supply chain. The brand also established a factory to make EV chargers in Shanghai last year. It sold more than 35,000 locally-manufactured cars in China and is also exporting them to Europe.

The company’s site which says that the Tesla car’s battery is recyclable and recoverable was unavailable for any comment. Recently, Tesla has been facing a series of criticism on social media due to the accident that took place in Texas in which two people died and the protest by a woman at The Shanghai Auto Show who claimed faulty brakes on the Tesla she owned. To all this, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently replied to a tweet referring to the scrutiny as “weird”.

It has also come under the suspicion of the Chinese authorities for spying with the cameras installed on-board of the vehicles. However, Tesla issued a statement stating that it abides by all the rules and regulation of the authorities. They clarified that the on-board cameras are guided parking, self-driving and autopilot assist.

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