Tesla promises to help China investigating crash involving policemen


Tesla on Monday confirmed that it will fully cooperate with authorities involved in an investigation of an accident that involved two policemen. According to a report by Bloomberg, referring to Chinese social media, Tesla made a report about the accident which took place in the eastern city of Taizhou, to a government agency.

A Chinese news portal said that the Tesla driver was detained after one of the policemen was seriously injured. The video of the accident has been widely circulated on Chinese social media.

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Another such accident involving a Tesla was reported on May 7 which took place in Shaoguan in Guangdong province. According to a report, the driver of the electric vehicle was killed but the cause of the accident is yet to be ascertained. The California-based company has been facing a slew of criticism in China for a few weeks now.

After a video of a woman protesting against the company atop a Tesla model at the Shanghai Auto Show, claiming her Tesla car had faulty brakes went viral, the carmaker went through a grilling time reassuring its customers and by announcing that it will clear all the grievances of the concerned woman. However, the woman would go on to sue Tesla.

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The authorities of the world’s largest automobile market seem to have emerging reservation against the electric carmaker. It is suspected here that Tesla cars may collect sensitive data with the help of onboard cameras and thus Tesla cars have been banned from entering military spaces. However, Tesla chief Elon Musk has refuted these suspicions and went on record to say that if ever such a thing happens, the company will shut down its factories in the country.

Tesla is not only facing a tough time in China but also in the US. The fatal crash in Houston, Texas has come under scrutiny with the autopilot feature receiving a lot of criticism.