The Fire Lighter Fit for a King


On his first public visit to Wales after the death of his beloved father, The Prince of Wales visited BCB International a designer and manufacturer of survival safety equipment in Cardiff.

BCB International Managing Director, Andrew Howell:

“For the last five years we have been producing a solid fuel tablet made from bio-ethanol used by British Troops to warm their rations and heat their drinks. The fuel has anti-bacterial properties, so we decided to develop a hand sanitiser gel variant.”

“Last year our terrific team here at BCB, both at our Llanelli and Cardiff sites, worked 24/7 producing hand sanitisers and other important PPE and so it is a tremendous privilege to welcome His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales here to BCB and have his congratulate us on our efforts throughout COVID with supplying and donating PPE worldwide. It was great to hear HRH Prince Charles say how remarkable he found FireDragon fire starters. Hearing this feedback was really encouraging for all of the team that have worked so hard developing this product range and taking it to market.

“I shall now be able to go way and set fire to my Firedragon. Having served in the Royal Navy all those years ago, nearly 50 years ago, I had to go on exercise with the old kit, this is remarkable.”

“It is a great tribute to your efforts… I know how hard you worked throughout this pandemic…I do congratulate you and am full of gratitude, for what its worth, for what you’ve been able to do, for all of us, really, during these difficult times.” HRH Prince Charles.

“As His Royal Highness has said for over 4 decades, climate change and the erosion of biodiversity are the two greatest threats to humanity and our planet. As we have with Firedragon fire lighters and some of our other life saving innovations we are ready, willing and able to take a risk and to make a change to try to help counter these threats.”

“On behalf of the whole great BCB team we will continue to invent, engineer and produce whatever we can, to help tackle this global emergency of climate change and the erosion of biodiversity.” Follow their Instagram – @firedragon_fuel

“Our new factory here in Cardiff will help to ensure that sustainability continues to be at the heart of our DNA.” Managing Director, Andrew Howell.