The Power of Mindset: Dina Gindy


Your thoughts are seeds, you can grow flowers or trees. Mindset is arguably the most important factor in success, to grow out of bad habits and improve your thought output. Luckily this mindset coach is relentless in her approach to tackling mental blocks and improving your life.

There is an effective way to get you to the level of peace and success you deserve to be at. Dina Gindy Offers a helping hand in her deep and unique program. To show you, the power of mindset.

Dina Gindy (@Dinagindy)

Dina Gindy is the founder of Dina Gindy Mindset coaching, After an 18-year impressive corporate career in Digital Media, an 8 year battle with burnout and more recently being diagnosed with a chronic heart condition, Dina turned her pain into her power and brought her passions to life. In her journey of self-discovery, Dina discovered the power of mindset and learned how to dance with fear and break the patterns holding her back from living her true potential. Dina has dedicated the rest of her life to spreading the power of mindset and empower ambitious women who have hit a wall or are just unfulfilled and stuck in life, breakthrough fear and self-doubt to level up in life and show them that their dreams can be their reality. Dina offers a 12-week Mindset transformation program to help level up in life.