The Rags-to-Riches Story of Vikramsinh Parmar : Reports


Vikramsinh Parmar, from the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, India, is an entrepreneur and a businessman with an extensive portfolio of clients in the digital industry.

He is the founder of LawTally – a lawyer directory website based out of New York.  A directory service that helps find the right lawyer to the legal help seekers.

On an average day, you might find Mr. Parmar in his real estate office in Vadodara negotiating deals with property buyers and chasing a railway track to shape out western railway projects. He started a visa consulting company Avik Overseas with his partner Avi Patel with deep international academic knowledge.

What exactly do you do?

“To put it precisely, I innovate to bring ideas to life. I started my career as an SEO expert when I was pursuing my college degree, I realized that the opportunities are enormous, but only a handful of individuals nail them. That is when I felt a need to jump in.

It was tough in the beginning, though. But after I won my first client who paid me 1500$, there was no looking back. I had to drop out of my engineering college thanks to my SEO passion, and I still had hope. That is when my next phase of life began.

My first client was with me for six months. Later, I found, a highly productive platform that enabled me to showcase my expertise and provided me opportunities to learn and grow.

From working alone, I turned the setup into a team of 25 full-time staff members. However, I could still not justify my talent and hunger to accomplish more while working online.

After investing and testing the legal industry through a prototype website, I decided to invest more in the website’s redevelopment. It cost me over $100K.

I believe that digitalization is the future, and if we talk about ROI, there is no other avenue that can compete, and that brings me to LawTally, which wasn’t just a one-night decision for me. I researched for months before instilling my faith in my ideas.

Apart from the Internet of things, I am a fan of the real estate industry. Therefore, adding more feathers to my cap, I invested in this niche. As of now, I own 12 real estate properties that are generating decent ROI.

Once I had the confidence to pull the different real estate challenges efficiently, I decided to independently take on a full-fledged project. I joined a real estate firm with Mr. Sandip Lakhani, who has been into real estate since 2002. It turned out to be a great decision, and we have already been halfway through our new project worth $2.5m.

Alongside, I am also working for the central government to shape out western railways projects. A few couples projects in our name that I have completed together with my partner real estate partner Mr. Lakhani. Currently, we are tendering projects worth $2M.”

What are your thoughts on the future of your industry?

“I believe that digitization could change the way we deal with each other, professionally and personally, in a good way. Digitalization and IoT have already proven to become the backbone of many technologies and will continue to evolve in the future. Industries have earned millions by utilizing the power of digitization.

Don’t believe me? Turn to the list of the top 10 wealthiest people globally, and you would find most of them are related to the digital industry.

Coming back to my work, LawTally aims to digitize the way lawyers connect with their clients or vice versa. As we already know, the expensive law industry accumulates 1.33 million lawyers in the USA alone. So, we focus on bringing that database online for increased accessibility and ease for the end-users and helping lawyers find a common platform, free of any biases to pitch their talent and zeal to help the community, making it a better place.

Our vision is to expand to India, Canada, and the Middle East after successfully relaunching our directory website Later, we aim to reach out to the other parts of the world with proper planning.”

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs starting?

“There is a thin line between faith and overconfidence. If you have the talent to do something more than usual, plan it. And work consistently on your ideas even when you are only thinking about them. Instead of rushing into something, have an open mind and find answers to the potential problems in advance.”

Have you ever faced any challenges with your business?

“Yes. Challenges are everywhere. And, when it’s business, the stakes are higher. When I was putting my money in, I knew I had to make it work. At the same time, I also knew that it wouldn’t be easier. From a freelancer to an entrepreneur, the journey was difficult and with lots of twists and turns.

There was one major setback that brought almost every new setup to a halt among all the challenges. It was the COVID 19 pandemic. Trust me, and I do keep my guards ready. However, this was a completely unexpected situation. Who would have known that the whole world would be put on lockdown?

However, as always, I did my best to train my team and plan our actions accordingly. From office culture to online culture, a complete 360 turn in our lives put us through some rough phases.

My prior experience of working as a freelancer came in handy, though. I also took extra efforts to share the wisdom with my team of managing personal and professional lives from one place, i.e., home.

We recovered and did well. On the brighter note, the lockdown and challenges made us even more robust. And, I believe that I, along with my team, is ready for every other roadblock in the future too.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“I am visionary with many goals. Putting a lot of effort to ensure that I meet my goals on time has become a part of my existence.

When talking about the next five years, I plan to reach amongst the top 3 lawyer directory websites globally, not just the USA. To further my business and help more countries find a neutral platform for experiencing the safest way through justice.”

Can you provide specific metrics about your business?

“I come from Gujarat. Every individual with its root from this place must have been through an essential life lesson to take counted risks. So have I. That is why, before launching my website, I worked on a prototype that cost me a mere $2500. It was only to test my passion and understand the industry from close.

This initiative helped me figure out the opportunities lying unexplored. I started making $700 monthly revenue. Such huge ROI earned consistently in a short period seemed like the right bait. It wasn’t just a glitch.

What I believe is that a triple digits ROI is only possible in digital products. I have invested over $100K in developing a new website and on its marketing. And, you can imagine what metrics it may generate in the next couple of years.”

Can you tell me more about the products you provide?

“LawTally is a lawyers’ directory. However, the platform isn’t just about providing contact details of the lawyers but offers verified details. Each registered lawyer on the website must go through a verification process to ensure transparency and reliability of our website.”

Can you provide me with a couple of quotes in your own words on what defines success?

“Success is a journey, not the ultimate destination. Trying out different things and making every experience count by learning from it is more important than the outcome.”

Why do you consider yourself a public figure?

“I want everyone to find out that anyone can do it. Even after losing my college degree for unfortunate reasons, I kept fighting for the life I always wanted to live. What kept me going was the fact that I never stopped learning.

A college degree may have gotten me in a better place. Or, I might not have to go through so many rough experiences. But who knows? These experiences brought me where I am now. It helped me find out that we all can make things possible. Either the circumstances go our way or not, if we are ready to put effort, nothing can stop us.

My story will motivate all those people who feel discontent with what they have. And would help them realize the good things they could do. I may not be the best example of success as of now.

I am the perfect example of courage and faith. And, I wish to instill the same in everyone who wishes to become an entrepreneur, either having the resources or not.”