The Tale of Ali Afnan, Who is Working on His Terms at Only 23


Ali Afnan who hails from Toronto manages freelance eCommerce work. Ali is a talented young entrepreneur who has gained expertise over time. He also writes blogs related to eCommerce business ideas that describe all the terms in detail. His blogs are short and informative.

Not only he shares his wisdom but also helps brands with marketing, Facebook ads, content creating, and email marketing. Ali works on multiple strategies to grow the eCommerce business for his clients. 

Here is how did Ali manage to become a freelancer

To begin he started working on marketing projects for new developments in the luxury real estate market. He holds experience in selling eCommerce solutions to the automotive industry and acted as a marketing consultant to sales managers at car dealerships to help drive engagement and online sales.

Ali has been wise, with time he has gained all the relevant skills and has managed to work on his terms. 

Ali is making his name in the eCommerce industry

Today, he assists over 15 online stores with different aspects of their marketing and sales process.

He has gained success in growing stores during COVID in niches like work from home products, at-home gym equipment, home decor, and kitchen and cooking supplies.

All his hard work has paid him, he has managed to achieve an average ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of thrice across all stores. Ali has helped brands reduce their abandoned carts by 40%. He has achieved an average of an 80% increase in conversion rates. He continues to help brands get an increased engagement on ad content.