The Top Three: Events, Books and Industries That Entrepreneurs and Business Icons Should Know for 2021 and Beyond : Reports


Now that the world seems to be opening again, hibernating entrepreneurs are shaking off the past year and looking ahead like never before.

Just as a quarterback in football never throws the ball where the receiver is standing, they toss it down field and allow them to catch up to it in full sprint and style.

For the discriminating individuals are over the hyped up boom shaka lacka ‘feel good’ pep talks and warm fuzzy bedtime reads, and wish to know what’s next – we have done some homework to bring you an inside look at emerging gatherings, best sellers and opportunities to explore and keep an eye on.

First up: Live events.

#1 – Secret Knock. Keeping under the radar, this group has been meeting for over a decade under the tagline ‘The greatest event you CANNOT attend.’

Touted as an ‘invite only’ that places importance on contacts and collaboration. Guests have direct velvet rope access to presenters that include oscar winning actors and producers, astronauts and television stars, from Presidents to experts being beamed in from Holograms. It’s worth filling out an application as there is nothing else quite like it.
#2 – Elevator nights. Known as a curated experience bringing together some of the most successful and affluent individuals from around the globe for a focused opportunity to invest in a selection of hand-picked companies. These events have brought together angel investors & venture capitalists with start-up founders, members of the media and wealthy individuals looking to diversify their investments and expand their network in a room of like-minded people.
#3 – Rainmaker Summit. Hosted by serial entrepreneur Bill Walsh, this gathering focuses on becoming a better leader by teaching the latest internet techniques, social media tools, as well as lead generation to build the pipeline of new customers. This three day event has the look and feel of a modern business building bootcamp where the guests gain direct knowledge of what’s working and what’s coming next.

Next: Books

#1 – Sales Secrets: The World’s Top Salespeople Share Their Secrets to Success.

*This book is the ultimate playbook from hundreds of sales experts on their top secrets to increasing your sales no matter what you sell or who you sell to.

#2 – Three Feet from Gold: Updated Anniversary Edition: Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities! (Think and Grow Rich) (Official Publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation)

*Follow a struggling young entrepreneur through a life-changing series of encounters with some of today’s foremost business leaders and inspirational figures, you’ll find encouragement and motivation to believe in yourself, discover your own Personal Success Equation™️, and never give up. You are just three feet from gold!

#3 – Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know.

 * Think Again reveals that we don’t have to believe everything we think or internalize everything we feel. It’s an invitation to let go of views that are no longer serving us well and prize mental flexibility over foolish consistency. If knowledge is power, knowing what we don’t know is wisdom.

Finally: Industry

#1 – NFT. The buzz word of the day goes to this source and for good reason. It’s taking the world by storm by giving a platform to creators in a powerful way. NFTs can represent digital art, audios, videos, and even extend to items in video games and other forms of creative work.

#2 – Blockchain. Which is basically, an un tamperable digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems. Many speculate that this will become the source for all financial transactions in the distant future.

#3 – Asteroid Mining. Imagine if you will, a passing by comet being tapped for its resources such as gold, platinum, and diamonds. As amazing as that is, the primary value of this interest comes in the liquid form of water. Using it as hydro propulsion to explore outside our cosmos. Think of these moving targets as portable fuel stations to carry us light years into space.