This custom widebody vehicle has 2 steering wheels and 2 engines, does donuts


Petrolheads love to experiment with their vehicles and widebody conversions are a common practice. Usually, the vehicle is made wider than stock by using custom bodywork kits but guys at Russian YouTube channel Garage 54 took matters into their own hands. They created a widebody Lada by welding together two vehicles.

Creating the custom widebody Lada was a complicated process but the result was twice as wide as the normal one and quite a head-turner. The most interesting part of the widebody vehicle is that it comes with two engines and two steering wheels, meaning that two drivers can take it out for a spin together. However, they’ll both have to make the same driving inputs.

To weld the two Ladas together, sides of both the cars were chopped off. Their side wheels, brakes and suspension components were removed, after which they were welded together. But both the engines and steering wheels were retained. Chassis of the welded vehicle also had to be strengthened to ensure that the car did not split into half while driving.

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The team performed the first test drive in their parking lot and after a successfully functional widebody Lada conversion, they took it for dynamic testing to a local track. The custom vehicle also received a fresh coat of paint and some colourful patterns on it, making it look all the more interesting.

While testing on the track, the drivers discovered that the widebody Lada could also perform smooth donuts with one driver in reverse and the other in first gear. Though the vehicle seemed quite good for two, as soon as additional passengers were added, its front left wheel dropped off. After this issue was fixed by the team, the drivers had to call it a day when one of the engines over heated. They pulled over the Lada after seeing steam come out of the engine bay.