This Tesla Cybertruck toy car with Cyberquad can be yours for $100


Tesla might be yet to bring the Cyberetruck electric pickup for the public, but you can find a host of Tesla Cybertruck toy models in the market. The latest among them is the 1:10 Hot Wheels R/C Tesla Cybertruck scale model that you can get at $100.

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Interestingly, this is not the first time, the popular toy brand brought a Cybertruck toy model in 2020 that was priced at $400. That was meant for the adults looking for fun, but the latest one is for the youngsters who seek radio-controlled toy car fun, and it is available at a much cheaper price.

So what does this cheaper version of the R/C Tesla Cybertruck scale model offers?

It is capable of running at a speed of slightly above 19 kmph, around half the speed of the previous version introduced by Mattel. This model only spins the rear wheels, compared to all four wheels of the previous version.

Mattel claims that the latest scale model has working lights and a neat steering wheel-shaped remote control that mimics the original Cybertruck’s steering wheel. It also gets a 1:10 Cyberquad that sits neatly on the cargo deck. However, the Cuberquad is not radio-controlled but rolls freely.

The scale model doesn’t run on batteries but uses plug-in electric power. Plugin the truck for three hours and it can operate for 25 minutes. This is quite innovative keeping the electric character of the original Cybertruck.

Another interesting fact about the latest toy car is that it doesn’t come as a limited edition model, like the previous $400 Cybertruck that was sold out quickly after launch. The new Hot Wheels Cybertruck will go on sale from May 21 through the Mattel Creations website.

Tesla unveiled the wild-looking Cybertruck electric pickup back in 2019. Immediately after its unveiling at a grand event, there were jokes about its design, which looked like something a kid would draw in school. However, regardless of people’s take on Cybertruck’s styling, it has received more than 200,000 bookings so far.