Treat Marketing the Same As You Treat Your Investment Portfolio, Says Rani Arsanios of SAVV Digital


Nothing in life is predictable, especially when it comes to business. One way to mitigate potential risk, especially in business, is to diversify wherever possible. A strong advocate of this philosophy is Rani Arsanios a marketer, an entrepreneurship podcast host, and founder of SAVV Digital. Rani advises business leaders and entrepreneurs to treat marketing as a financial investment portfolio in the sense that it needs to be diversified and optimized according to the market circumstances. Such an approach allows for his clients’ notable success and growth in the competitive digital landscape the world is in today and cements his business as a thriving digital marketing agency.

Why You Should Diversify Your Company’s Marketing Strategies

As a business owner, there will always be certain elements that are out of your control. Whether it’s navigating an unstable economy, dealing with high-level competition, or even a change in search engine algorithm. Change and risk are around us and constantly coming at us. An effective way to counteract it is to utilize a variety of marketing strategies.

There is usually more than one way to promote a product or service. Having said that, some strategies may deliver quick results but require a bigger investment, while others may need lower budgets but may fail or take longer to build momentum. Arsanios strongly believes that diverse, highly targeted, and customer-focused marketing strategies are one of the best ways to position your business for prolonged success.

How to “REDEFINE” Your Marketing

For Arsanios, redefining your marketing strategy starts with realizing that marketing isn’t “one size fits all”. For example, bulk email services are known to bring results, but each company would have its own winning strategy of using it. What works for one business won’t work for another even if they are competitors in the same industry. The needs of a business will depend on its circumstances, budget, growth ambitions, brand persona, target demographics, to name a few.

Arsanios also suggests that business owners should consider redefining their marketing approach in 2021 on both the macro and micro levels. And entrepreneurs need to understand that change and growth don’t happen overnight, especially if you’re trying to disrupt an established marketing strategy, enter new markets or change people’s long-held beliefs.

During the process of analyzing their current strategy including areas such as performance marketing, branding, creative and content marketing, Arsanios spends time with each client to help them discover which key digital marketing metrics they should focus on and which vanity metrics they should not pay too much attention to. But most importantly, he helps them focus on extracting valuable information and insights from their customers and target audience to make better marketing and product development decisions.

Marketing strategies also have a greater chance of delivering results when you understand human psychology. Instead of simply focusing on what someone says, Arsanios asserts, businesses must be cognizant of how their message comes across to potential customers or anyone for that matter. How does it make them feel? Does it come across as self-serving or trustworthy? Does it build trust or burn bridges?

Arsanios is passionate about communication because he understands firsthand the transformative power of an authentic message and how it can build trust and goodwill with the public. He also advises entrepreneurs to continually ask why they’re doing what they are doing and find their “why” and allow it to be crystal clear in their marketing communication.

The Start of SAVV Digital

Arsanios founded SAVV Digital in 2016 with the primary focus of helping small and medium-sized companies in Australia achieve massive growth using effective and customer-focused marketing strategies, creative design and communication, and digital transformation. With his team’s help, Arsanios does a deep dive into the ethos and main goals of each business before crafting tailored marketing strategies and sales growth plans.

Arsanios prides himself on unveiling new ways for his clients to increase revenue and customer retention. His ultimate goal is to allow his clients to disrupt and lead their industries through authenticity and thought leadership.

Although SAVV Digital today offers full-service digital marketing solutions across various industries, Arsanios originally worked with clients in the educational sector when he first opened his business. In fact, one of his most successful projects involved generating leads for an online college. Thanks to his progressive, forward-thinking approach, he was able to help the college expand its student recruitment and triple its monthly revenue in just a few months.

Arsanios decided to slowly and consistently grow his agency over the past few years to cater to more clients and specialize in other industries. He also has plans to expand into the American and UK market in the near future.

How to Break the Mold and Follow Your Passion

Arsanios didn’t always know he was destined to start a successful digital marketing agency. As a child, he was eager to follow in the footsteps of his father who was an engineering consultant. Since Arsanios enjoyed math and science, he decided to carry on the family tradition and get a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering at Pennsylvania State University.

After graduating and working in engineering, Arsanios started to do some deep soul searching. Eventually, he realized he had an intense love and passion for sales, marketing, and communication. He also knew that entrepreneurship was his destiny not only because of the unlimited income potential that comes with it, but the freedom to create, innovate and be his own boss. After working for a few multinational companies, like Heineken, and moving to Sydney, Australia in 2014, he began laying the foundation of what would soon become SAVV Digital.

The savvy marketer also launched The Rani Arsanios Sho‪w podcast at the end of 2020. The podcast brings on guests who have various expertise to talk about all things business, marketing, technology, and mental health. He interviews accomplished founders, coaches, and other professionals about their success stories every week so his audience can learn how to improve their personal lives and businesses.

As for approaching marketing in 2021, Arsanios recommends business owners to reject the idea that they will use this year to ‘recover’ from the previous one, but instead view it as an opportune time to discover new marketing opportunities that will allow them to grow their lives and businesses.