Trisha Yearwood Receives First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine, After 2 Months of Testing Positive (View Post)


Two months after battling the deadly virus, American singer-actor Trisha Yearwood has received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The 56-year-old country singer, who is married to Garth Brooks, shared a photo at Instagram receiving her first dose. “This #EveryGirl finally got her first dose of the vaccine! To all who made this day possible, thank you. xo #grateful,” Yearwood wrote. Oscars 2021: Halle Berry Laughs Off to a Joke About Her Hairdo at 93rd Academy Awards.

As reported by Fox News, Yearwood’s first jab came just one day after she discussed lingering symptoms she has while appearing on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show.’ The ‘Every Girl In This Town’ singer revealed that she still has not regained her ability to taste or smell. “I have some beef officially. You are losing weight in COVID, I gained weight, I found it. What are you doing?” the 39-year-old host Kelly Clarkson joked, according to People. Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Trailer: God Retires And The Devil Becomes The God, Mayhem Guaranteed (Watch Video).

“Spanx and also I lost my taste and smell so food is kind of different right now,” Yearwood laughed. Yearwood added that she first realised she couldn’t taste or smell when Brooks brought her coffee five days after contracting the virus.”I love you, but did you put coffee in here?” she recalled questioning Brooks at the time.”It was just like that,” she said, adding that it’s been “about eight weeks” since. “Now it’s all about texture. I can tell if something’s spicy, that’s about it,” Yearwood said.

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“I love to cook so now when I cook I just ask Garth, tell me if it needs more salt and pepper. It’s the weirdest thing.” Fox News reported that a representative for Yearwood’s husband, Garth Brooks confirmed that the pair got tested in February. While Brooks tested negative, Yearwood tested positive. “She’s tough. She’s stronger than me,” Garth assured fans at the time.

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