TVS Motor records over 30% drop in two-wheeler sales in April compared to March


Two-wheeler manufacturer TVS Motor has registered sales of 238,983 units in April 2021, down from 322,683 units in March this year, and 9,640 units in April last year. The company has seen an overall drop of nearly 33 per cent compared to its performance in March, but a massive growth if one considers its performance during the same period last year.

TVS Motor has sold 226,193 two-wheelers last month as against 8,134 units in April last year. However, the two-wheeler manufacturer itself does not consider the year-on-year growth comparable due to the low base of sales in April last year because of the lockdown imposed by the Centre during that period. Most other vehicle manufacturers has drawn blank during this period with no vehicles sold.

The two-wheeler manufacturer said that the domestic sales last month was lower due to lockdown-like restrictions imposed across many states amid rising cases of Covid-19. TVS Motor claims it has reduced dealer stocks to support the channel partners and will produce to maintain adequate inventories for customer demand when it reopens.

Domestic two-wheeler sales registered 131,386 units in April 2021. Scooter sales of the Company registered sales of 65,213 units in April 2021. Motorcycle registered sales of 133,227 units in April 2021.

The Company’s total exports registered sales of 107,185 units in April 2021 as against 9,640 units registered in the month of April 2020. Two-wheeler exports recorded sales of 94,807 units in April 2021 as against 8,134 units in April 2020.

Three-wheeler of the Company recorded sales of 12,790 units in April 2021 as against 1,506 units in April 2020.