Twitter’s Ticketed Spaces will give users a new way to make some cash


Back in August, Twitter had introduced a new feature to iOS users known as Ticketed Spaces. This feature allows you to create audio chat rooms and charge audiences for the privilege of joining in. Now, the feature has also been introduced for Android users. As of now, however, this is only available in the US and it is unclear when it will roll out in India.

Who can create Ticketed Spaces?

The option to create Ticketed Spaces is not open to everyone. You must have a minimum of 1,000 followers, and have created at least three spaces within the span of 30 days. Additionally, the user must be over 18 years of age, have a verified email ID, and have a complete profile with a header, bio and picture. Twitter will not allow state-sponsored media accounts or policy violators to host ticketed spaces. 

Twitter has shared details of the policy online so that creators can have a look and plan their content based on the same. “If we detect that your account may be compromised, we will disable monetization features temporarily until your account is restored,” the policy reads.

This development comes days after Facebook introduced a dedicated tab for Live Audio rooms – which is basically its own version of Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse. 

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