US First Lady Jill Biden Wears Same Dress at President Joe Biden’s Joint Address As at the Inauguration! Know Powerful Meaning Behind the Repurposed Outfit


The First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden is making the headlines after she attended US President Joe Biden’s first joint address to Congress held at the Capitol. She wore a navy blue mesh dress with floral appliques. Not only that the outfit was gorgeous, but it had an important and also powerful message. The dress was a creation from Gabriela Hearst. Jill wore a nearly identical dress, except in white from the same designer at Joe Biden’s Inauguration on January 20, 2021. Everyone is impressed with her fashion choice, and so are we. Besides, the dress has a special, and powerful meaning. What is it? We will know a little more about Jill’s inauguration and joint address’ outfit.

When accompanying the President at the Capitol, Jill was seen wearing a dark navy blue version of the same white evening dress she wore after her husband entered the White House, earlier this year. The dress by Uruguayan designer Gabriela Hearst was lauded then and lauded now. Besides, the matching navy mask gave Jill a praiseworthy look.

Jill Biden at President Joe Biden’s Joint Address to Congress

So, how come Jill Biden wore the same dress in a different colour? Hearst, born and raised in Uruguay, is popular in fashion circles for making use of recycled material in her designs. In an earlier Instagram post, Hearst revealed that the materials used were existing available fabrics to minimise the impact on the environment.

Jill Biden’s Inauguration Night Outfit

After Jill’s navy blue outfit for President’s joint address to Congress appeared in the headlines, Hearst explained the reason behind the choice. She shared more details on Instagram about the replica garment, revealing it was intended as an inauguration design and the first lady kept it to use for a later date.

Jill Biden’t Repurposed Outfit

Why the dress made such a standout statement? The outfit had a message—unity. The embroidery highlighted the official flowers from every state and territory in the United States. All the state flowers working as one to creating something so beautiful, and powerful touched people on both occasions. Unity was a big theme during January 20’s inauguration, and the gesture was repeated in Biden’s first address to the Congress.

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