Venusia and the Rise of Model and Influencer NFTs


Throughout history, erotic content has been at the forefront of technological innovation.  In the 1980s and 90s, the VHS tape was the primary vessel through which individuals viewed pornography.  As one millennium ended and the next began, the internet revolution created new gateways to salacious pictures and videos.  And it was one that didn’t entail the risk of being caught in the beaded-off adult section of Blockbuster Video.  Instead, anyone could access sexual content from their own homes whenever they wanted.  In 2021, trading and investing have become even more popular, and online traders are constantly developing new forms of investment. Once again, erotic content is leading the way; this time with the adoption of NFT technology.

NFTs are totally free and easy to create for models using Venusia.  The website automates the technical process so that models can quickly upload content. The buyers are encouraged to invest in a model’s content rather than subscribe to a paid plan. This grants them recognizable ownership of the model’s content, and the opportunity to make a profit out of their bids.

Because of the complexity of smart contracts involving NFTs compared to typical transactions, minting a single NFT can cost a creator up to $1000. Venusia eliminates these costs to make it easier for models to start earning. Unlike other subscription services that take up to 15% of a model’s earnings, Venusia’s fees are as low as 1% while the site facilitates speculative activities.

Venusia does not censor its creators. Making it the 1st NFT marketplace that allows for adult content.

Since every model on Venusia is verified, each NFT contains exclusive, genuine content.  This protects both parties in transactions.  The My Assets folder makes it easy to view purchased content and check your current bids. Fans can follow their favorite models on the platform for alerts of any new activity. This gives the user a heads up anytime their favorite model has new content available.

Additionally, buyers can use credit cards to buy NFTs.  New investors usually need to have a crypto wallet in order to get started, but creating a wallet on Venusia can be made within 2 clicks, simply by logging in with a Google or Facebook account.

Venusia is an inclusive space with a diverse range of models uploading exclusive content. Users can bid on NFTs from their favorite models, or discover new women whose content they want to own.

Visit for more information; whether you are looking to buy exciting new content, or sign up as a model.