Volvo’s sales almost double in April despite Covid-19 crisis


Volvo Cars announced that that it has managed to record its tenth consecutive month of sales growth as the overall globals sales jumped by 97.5% in April in comparison to its performance in the consecutive period a year ago.

Last month, Volvo recorded the sale of 62,724 cars globally which is almost double against 31,760 car sales in April 2020. The company noted in a press release sent recently that the growth was mainly driven by the rise in demand in Europe and the US markets. In addition to that, the previous year’s numbers were down significantly due to complications around the Covid-19 pandemic. Volvo also added that its China sales saw a steady increase of 11.6%.

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Its January-April (2021) sales saw a direct jump of 51.8% at 248,422 cars against the same period a year ago.

While Volvo electric line-up – Recharge accounted for 24.3% growth in terms of total sales volume globally last month, in Europe, the line-up of chargeable Volvo models represented a strong 42% of the company’s overall sales.

In the US market, Volvo sales saw a hike of 185.5% last month against April 2020. The company shared that the demand in the US market was mainly driven by models such as the XC90 and XC60 SUVs. Overall the sales touched 11,036 units which was 3,866 higher than units sold in April 2020.

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In Europe, Volvo sales grew to 25,816 cars last month, which is up by 178% in comparison to the same month in 2020. The company said the rise in demand can be attributed to the last year’s pandemic-related shutdowns when the demand was low.

In China, Volvo reported a strong 16,435 sales last month. The company said that the locally assembled XC60 and S90 models mainly drove the high demand in the Chinese market.