World Sea Turtle Day 2021: 5 Super Interesting Facts About Sea Turtles To Raise Awareness About The Importance To Protecting These Endangered Species


Not to be twisted with World turtle Day – celebrated on May 23rd – World Sea Turtle Day is a whole other Turtle event that calls for people to save these aquatic species from extinction. World Sea Turtle Day is celebrated on June 16th to highlight the importance of Sea turtles in Marine biology. The day celebrated in commemoration of Dr Archie Carr’s birthday  who is widely known as “the father of sea turtle biology.” Carr dedicated his entire life to research sea turtles and their conservation. There are apparently seven Sea turtle species, out of which six are believed to be in dire straits due to the debilitating effects of ocean pollution.

According to Marine Biologists, the aforementioned 6 turtles are listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. These species are tagged as either vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered. Hawksbills, Green sea turtles, Kemp’s Ridley are believed to be under the critically endangered benchmark and it’s quite imperative to raise awareness about the need to protect these species from extinction. On this World Sea Turtle Day, we bring you five facts about turtles that might inspire you to work on saving these innocent species from certain doom.

  • Sea Turtle Are Really Into Jelly Fish

Leatherbacks and hawkbill turtles are reportedly quite fond of Jellyfish as they make a tasty snack. It not only serves as sustenance for the turtles but also helps to keep the population of jellyfish (considered mostly a menace by marine biologists) in control. Since the jellyfish texture is quite similar to plastic, they often confuse the two and consume the latter which proves fatal.

  • They’ve Been around for over 110 Million Years

Sea Turtles have been around this earth longer than the Dinosaurs. They are old, mighty creatures who once shared this planet with a velociraptor.

  • They Have Great Sense Of Direction

Sea turtles have long been suspected of having a great sense of direction since they can detect the Earths magnetic field with an accuracy of a compass.

  • They Have a Lifespan of 100 Years

Sea Turtles can reportedly live up to 100 years.

  • Ocean Temperatures Dictate The Sex of Baby Turtles

Temperatures of the Ocean play a vital role in dictating the sex of the baby turtle. Warmer nests produce females and cooler ones more males.

People celebrate World SeaTurtle Day all over the world by organising various events and activities for the preservation of sea turtles. Some people also save turtle by keeping the beaches free of trash so these turtles wouldn’t mistake plastic for food.  You can also join conservation efforts to protect them from predators

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