Yogendra Singh Rathore: A Token of Inspiring Hope and Humanity


A few kind words, a helping hand in need, and a pat of encouragement are what it takes to bring back the retreating Humanity. A stranger who can be a source of motivation and positive energy in times of darkness is a hundred times better than a friend who only intensifies the negativities.

Bringing into light one such individual, Yogendra Singh Rathore is the founder of three big startups Mission Positive World Pvt. Ltd., Guniguru.com, and LEADMONK Digital Pvt. Ltd, all working for a social cause. Moreover, he is not just an entrepreneur, but also a bestselling author, a widely recognized and awarded marketing influencer, and one of the best brain experts in the country.

Yogendra Singh Rathore was born and brought up in a small village in India and today is a multi-millionaire, all because of his consistent efforts, dedication, and determination. When the will to become better is stronger than any hardships or challenges, it is definite that the individual will succeed. This was the case with Yogendra. No matter how grave things may be, there was always a sense of positivity and hope in his heart. This allowed his mind to think in the right direction and therefore work in the right direction. Witnessing for himself, the power and magic of a positive heart and mind, Yogendra wants others to reflect the same. He wants them to feel the change that optimism can bring and help them rebuild their lives, even if it’s from thrash.

In an initiative of doing so, Yogendra Singh Rathore designed his website called GuniGuru. It is an online service portal that provides personal life coach to its subscribers. This is done keeping the mind the importance of customized service. Every individual goes through a unique set of problems and challenges, and coming up with the same solution for all doesn’t make sense at all.  By setting up this personalized and authentic platform, Yogendra greatly contributes to bringing a happy change in many people’s lives. Through this website, he has been able to reach out to a large number of individuals going through hard times and in need of some encouragement and hope. With its virtual availability, it is accessible to people all over the world which makes it easier and advantageous.  Apart from his online identity, Yogendra has also worked with many celebrities and personalities from various spheres like politics, sports, Bollywood, etc.  Karan Johar, John Abraham, Mahesh Bhatt, Poonam Mahajan, Zafar Sareshwala, and Sir Ian Botham are a few names.

As an author, Yogendra Singh Rathore has written two books titled “Awaken The Great Potential Of Memory And Will-Power” & “Secrets Of The Limitless Mind”. The concept and content were very much loved and appreciated by its readers. Owing to this large-scale appreciation, these books were also translated into languages like Gujarati and Hindi to make them accessible to more groups of readers.

Listing Yogendra Singh Rathore’s achievements, there are many. He is the brand ambassador of some top NGOs of Ahmedabad like ‘YUVA-UNSTOPPABLE’. For his immense contribution to social work, he has been awarded the YUVA Gratitude Award at IIM Ahmedabad by Mr. Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra, a prominent Bollywood Director, and Producer.  At the age of 27, Yogendra’s first short biography was also published in one of the top international E-magazines of India, IUEMAG along with the very inspirational boxer Mary Kom.